Lot 1016 - Visigothic Coins

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Leovigildus (569-586). Tremissis. ¿Toledo?. (Tomasini-604 similar). (Chaves-Unlisted). Anv.: IИCIIICIIIOOIIIИϽIIIϽИ. Diademed bust with mantle and cross on the chest. Rev.: CIIICVII-ϽIIIϽIIϽII. Victory squematic on the right, holding crown and palm; in exergue OИO. Au. 1,22 g. Very rare type within the "INCLITVS REX" group. It is a transitional coin between the last issues of the "CVRRV" type and the first issues of the "INCLITVS REX" type. Rare and original ornament on the fibulae of the King's mantle. Ex Caballero de las Yndias (22/10/2009), lot 1237. XF. Est...3000,00.

Starting bid $ 1.800 1.800 € |

SOLD: 2.800 €

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