Lot 1003 - Visigothic Coins

Lot description


Pseudo-imperial coinage. In the name of Justinianus I. Solidus. 511-531 AD. Uncertain mint. Inverted mint, probably Narbonne. Period of Agila or Athanagild. (MEC-I,122). (MIB-28). Anv.: DN IASTI/NI/ANVƧD Pearl-diademed, helmeted and cuirassed bust facing three-quarters right, holding spear and decorated shield with horseman and fallen enemy motif. Rev.: VICΓORI-AAVGGG¿X? Victory standing left, holding long jewelled cross; in left field, star, and in exergue CONOB. Ag. 4,36 g. Very rare. Choice VF. Est...1500,00.

Starting bid $ 800 800 € |

SOLD: 1.600 €

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