Lot 9 - Greek Coins

Lot description


Greco-Baktrian Kingdom. Eukratides I Megas. Tetradrachm. 170-145 BC. (Bopearachchi-6Z). (SNG Ans-473). Anv.: Diademed and draped bust right, wearing crested helmet adorned with bull's horn and ear; all within bead-and-reel border. Rev.: BAΣIΛEΩΣ MEΓAΛΟΥ above, EYKPATIΔOY below, the Dioskouroi on horses rearing right, palm fronds and lances; monogram to right. Ag. 16,93 g. Magnificent piece with atractive large flan and slight old cabinet tone. Ex Classical Numismatic Group, Triton XIX (05/02/2016), lot 344. AU/XF. Est...2500,00.

Starting bid $ 1.200 1.200 € |

SOLD: 2.400 €

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