Lot 40 - Roman Republican

Lot description


Aemilius. M Aemilius Scaurus y Pub. Plautius Hypsaeus. Denarius. 58 BC. Rome. (Ffc-120). (Craw-422/1b). Anv.: M. SCAVR. / AED. CVR., above king Aretas kneeling beside a camel right, EX., on left, S.C., on right REX. ARETAS., in exergue. Rev.: P. HVPSAEVS. / AED. CVR., above Jupiter in quadriga left, C. HVPSAE. COS. PREIVE., in exergue, scorpion below horses. Ag. 3,93 g. Rare in this condition. Original luster. Ex J.A. Herrero (16/12/2010), lot 93. AU. Est...300,00.

Starting bid $ 120 120 € |

SOLD: 500 €

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