Lot 23 - Celtiberian Coins

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Hispanic-Carthaginian Coinage. Shekel. 220-205 BC. Cartagena (Murcia). (Abh-535). (MIB-8/64a). (Acip-603). Anv.: Male bust (Hannibal?) left. Rev.: Horse standing right, palm behind. Ag. 7,61 g.  The specimen we offer presents a unique variety, in the bust of Hannibal? We can see a small countermark between her curls that a priori may go unnoticed. It is a small palm tree, a mark clearly associated with these coinages represented in different styles in their various issues. This is made up of a long thin stem and three open palm leaves, all within an incuse square. We have found no references to this countermark on coins associated with Carthago or other related Punic coinage. Only known specimen?. Choice VF. Est...1500,00.

Starting bid $ 600 600 € |

SOLD: 1.300 €

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